Facebook Video Downloader Online Free 4K HD MP4 Download
December 27, 2021

Facebook Video Downloader Online Free 4K HD MP4 Download

4ouryou is the best Facebook video downloader to help you download high-quality Facebook video Downloader (Full HD, 2K, 4K). Download Facebook videos to your phone, PC, or tablet in the highest quality. Use Online Video Downloader in your browser. No software needs to be installed. Supports both Android and iOS.

Have you seen a video on Facebook and want to download it to your computer in MP3 or MP4 for free? Our online video downloader lets you download your videos in seconds!

How can I download Facebook videos from my computer or phone?

Unfortunately, downloading videos from Facebook to our phone is not something that can be done automatically from the application, but with 4ouryou and a few simple steps you can do it without problems!

4ouryou allows you to download Facebook videos online very easily, without you having to leave your couch.

How to download Facebook videos in HD?

Just copy the video URL into the white box, select the format, click Download, and it’s yours!

We designed the website to work on all platforms so that you enjoy the same user experience, whether you are browsing the website on your iPhone, Android, or PC. This site does not require any third-party software to function.

Can I download live from Facebook?

Yes, you can download live videos from Facebook, but only when the broadcast ends!

Where are the videos saved after downloading?

This may vary depending on the operating system you are using. For Android, Windows, and Mac users, you can find the downloaded videos from Facebook in the Downloads folder.

Does 4ouryou store downloaded videos or keep a copy of them?

4ouryou does not store any video downloaded by our users. All videos are stored on Facebook servers. 4ouryou is a completely anonymous download site.

Why Download Facebook Videos Using 4ouryou

According to user reviews and comments, 4ouryou is currently the fastest, highest quality and most stable Facebook video download tool. We provide the highest quality success, continuously improve the quality of our tools, and provide the best service to our users.

How to download Facebook videos to your computer?

For computers All you have to do is copy the Facebook video link, paste it into the link input box at the top of this page, and press the Download button. For more information on the 4ouryou manual, follow the steps to download Facebook videos using 4ouryou.

How to download Facebook videos to Android?

It’s as easy as downloading it to your computer. Go to 4ouryou-> Import Facebook Video Link-> Click Download-> Select Quality to Download (4K Video Support)

How to download 4k Facebook video?

All you need is a 4K quality Facebook video link. Copy Link-> Go to 4ouryou-> Import Facebook Video Link-> Press Download-> Select 4K Quality to Download.

How to download Facebook videos to iPhone (iOS)?

IOS doesn’t support live video downloads, so IOS is a bit more complicated Download Documents by Readdle , open the application, select a browser-> Go to 4ouryou-> Import Facebook Video Link-> Download Click-> Select the quality you want to download.

Does 4ouryou support private Facebook video downloads?

4ouryou’s technology is so advanced that when you log in you’ll see a Facebook video and you’ll see that you don’t have to paste and paste the source code like you would on any other website. With 4ouryou, all you have to do is copy and paste the video link. Type them in the link import box and click Download. It supports private video very well.

How to download Facebook videos online?

Oh … just copy the link for the Facebook video you want to download and paste it into the link input box in 4ouryou. The rest of 4ouryou handles itself.

Can I save Facebook videos to my mobile phone?

Of course, saving Facebook videos to your computer after the download is complete is usually in the download folder on your Windows or Android machine, and your iPhone is more complicated than the above.

Can I download Facebook Live Stream Video?

Of course, you can only download Facebook Live videos after you’re done. It cannot be downloaded during playback.

Does 4ouryou save the downloaded video or keep a copy of the video?

No, 4ouryou does not host videos or keep copies of downloaded videos. Supports render-only video with lost audio and no archives. All videos are stored on Facebook’s servers and downloaded only to your device.

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