Youtube Video Downloader Free Download For PC MP4 MP3
December 27, 2021

Youtube Video Downloader Free Download For PC MP4 MP3

Ever wanted to Youtube Video Downloader Free Download to your PC or smartphone? “YouTube Premium” has made it possible to download temporarily on smartphones and tablets, but be aware that the download itself may be illegal depending on the video. In this article, we will introduce the precautions for downloading YouTube and “YouTube Premium”.

Is it illegal to save YouTube videos and watch them offline?

As a general premise, downloading and saving YouTube videos involves copyright issues. However, copying (downloading) for private use is permitted as a special exception to copyright. The following two acts violate the law.

Redistribution of downloaded and saved

Videos Redistribution is the redistribution of downloaded videos, whether legal or illegal, on your SNS, blog, or YouTube account. Even if it is modified or edited, it is against the law.

However, YouTube has a function to get a shared link of the video by using “embed code”. This isn’t a download, so it’s okay to put a link to the video on your social media or blog. Of course, selling or renting downloaded videos is also against the law.

Downloading and saving uploaded videos that infringe copyright It is against the

law to download videos that infringe copyright. It is a violation even if you do not redistribute it as described above. This means that it’s okay to download and save legally uploaded videos for personal enjoyment.

How to download youtube videos by using Online Video Downloader

First, we introduce our site we give our viewers the best online video downloader free of cost.

Any type of video you can download easily by using our site.

  1. Just past your link on the URL option.
  2. Click on the Download button to download videos

After search, your video then select your favorite resolution 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, mp3 Youtube Video download option.

youtube video downloader free download

How to determine if a video is illegal

It is difficult for viewers to determine which videos are legal or illegal. Make sure that it is an official video by the following method so that you do not think that it is a legal video and it was an illegal video if you download and save it.

The account and channel name This is a method to check whether the company name that holds the video right is displayed in the account or channel name that uploaded the video. However, there are also illegal videos that deceive the company name. To prevent such spoofing, the official video has the following “confirmation badge” and “official artist channel” icons (only available from your PC).

Isn’t watching illegal videos a violation of the law?

I mentioned above that downloading illegal videos is a copyright violation, but is it okay to play them? From the conclusion, there is no problem. Strictly speaking, data is downloaded in the form of a cache just for normal viewing, but it is recognized by copyright law that downloading in the cache is not illegal. But, of course, it’s not recommended.

As a YouTube terms of use, download and save is NG!

The copyright law was explained above, but YouTube has its own terms of use separately from this. The YouTube Terms of Service state that:

In other words, regardless of whether the video is illegal or legal, YouTube prohibits downloading and saving other than those specified as “downloadable”. There aren’t many videos that say “downloadable” at the moment … Basically, it’s better to think that it’s difficult to download and save.

The Terms of Use also state that “YouTube is not responsible for the accuracy, utility value, safety or intellectual property rights of or in connection with the Content.” In other words, YouTube is not responsible for any troubles related to intellectual property rights, but the user is solely responsible. With this in mind, try to use it in compliance with the law.

Pay attention to security when downloading videos!

Another point to be aware of when downloading and saving YouTube videos is “security”. One thing to be aware of when downloading videos is “virus infection”. There are several video download sites and apps other than the official ones, but some of them use advertisements to infect viruses.

  • “Spyware has been detected”
  • “Infected with a virus ” “
  • Download the software now ” Be

Careful with advertisements that make users uneasy and click. is. You will not be infected with the virus just by displaying the advertisement, but when you click to open the site, you will be infected with the virus.

As mentioned above, YouTube videos could only be played in an online environment as a general rule. The download itself was a violation of YouTube’s terms, but YouTube Premium no longer has that limitation, allowing you to download YouTube videos to your device and play them offline for a 30-day time limit. However, the video download function is limited to mobile apps. Therefore, videos can be downloaded and played offline on smartphones and tablets (currently not possible with the web browser version of YouTube).

How to download and save videos on YouTube Premium

You can subscribe to YouTube Premium

From your web browser or smartphone. Click “Purchase YOUTUBE PREMIUM” from YouTube Premium to enter the procedure. All you have to do is enter your credit card number and zip code.

Download and save the video Display the video you want to download and save, and tap “Offline”. Select the image quality when saving the first download (the download image quality can be changed later). There is no limit to the number of videos that can be downloaded, and you can download and save videos up to the limit of the capacity of your device.

Play the downloaded and saved video

Select “Library” → “Offline” at the bottom right of the screen to display the downloaded and saved video. Tap to start playback.

If you want to verify if offline playback is possible, you can try offline playback by disconnecting Wi-Fi and mobile data communication by switching to airplane mode.

Best Youtube Video Downloader Free Download

In addition to video download, Youtube Video Downloader Free Download has the following four functions.

Using YouTube without ads after download youtube video on your pc

YouTube has various ads such as the ad video that is played before the video is played and the ad screen that is displayed on the right side of the video. If you subscribe to a YouTube Video downloader free download, these ads will not be displayed. If you log in with the same account, the advertisement will be hidden on your smartphone or PC.

Background playback on the YouTube app on your

Smartphone When you are using YouTube on your smartphone, video playback will be paused if you open another app. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you will be able to “play in the background” where YouTube videos will be played even if you open other apps. For background playback of YouTube, please refer to the separate article ” How to play YouTube in the background “.

Using YouTube Origials

YouTube Originals is a distribution channel for YouTube original drama series and movies, such as Netflix and the YouTube version of Hulu. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will be able to use this channel for free.

Using YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music is YouTube’s new music streaming service. There is also a paid version of YouTube Music Premium for 980 yen per month. In other words, if you are currently subscribed to YouTube Music Premium and are considering subscribing.

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